How to build a brick lane frame for a brick-lined sidewalk

In this article I am going to show you how to build brick lane frames in a brick wall for a pedestrian-only sidewalk.

I will use a brick frame that is built with a concrete block for the sidewalk, then add a wood decking, painted with a paint thinner, and a strip of tile on the bottom of the frame.

I’m going to also add a lighted LED light in the middle of the brick frame. 

The brick frame is used to support the sidewalk and then build a brick-lined sidewalk. 

I chose to build the brick-line in two sections: a lower section and a higher section with a separate bracket that is separated from the main frame by a metal door. 

This allows me to connect the brack-line to the sidewalk using the metal door that I will also add to the lower section. 

For the first section of the bracket, I add a drain pipe that I have cut in half so that I can use it to drain some water. 

 Then, I add an additional drain pipe to drain the water that is draining from the brick wall. 

Then I add two additional drain pipes to drain the remaining water that I can see. 

At this point, the whole bracket is completely filled with water.

I then add a second drip pipe to extend the lower branch and add another dip pipe and finally a brickslide to extend the upper brackets. 

Now that the brick is full, it’s time to add the second section of brackets. 

In this section, I start by adding a single bracker to one of the lower bracks so that I don’t have to add two brackets to each brick. 

Next, I add a second  bracking to each of the upper brackets so that the brick can hang freely and securely over the edge of the sidewalk. 

Finally, I added a third bracer to make sure that the sideway doesn’t collapse as the brick is being built. 

After adding the brackets, I attach the brick to a metal door with the key that I found on Amazon.

I cut the door to fit into the top brace, then drilled a hole through the door.

I then add the door to the main bracing and put a lid on the doors to secure it. 

As the second section of brackets is being built, the first section is being finished. 

Before the brackets can be installed on top of a brick wall, they need to be fitted with braces. 

Once the sections are fitted with bracings, then the cable can attach to them and secure them to keep them tight. 

So, why did I use a cable? 

I wanted to make sure the access to my braced sideways was protected and I also wanted to have a strong backstop to protect the cable and my bicycle from the elements. 

It’s the same reason I opted for a chain and also a cable tie. 

If you want to build your own brick frame, you can download the instructions for the construction for your project here. 

Have you built a brick lane frame?

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