A brick frame tavern built for the Irish language

The brick frames of a brick tavern built in Dublin have been transformed into a community for the first time.

The brick frame structure of The Brick House, which opened in 2015, is one of the oldest in the city, and was once home to the Dublin Irish Society.

The building was constructed of timber with brick frames and plaster on the exterior.

The interior was finished in the Irish-language Gaelic language.

The project was completed in six months, with the foundation stone being laid in November last year.

The community will now be run as a community centre for all those who speak Irish, with services including a bilingual coffee shop and social activities for the local community.

The first two years of the building were dedicated to the Irish Language and Culture Society, with an additional four years dedicated to education and community development.

“It’s been really inspiring to work with the group and the foundation work that they did to build the community centre,” said Dr Patrice Connolly, the community development director for the Brick House.

“What they’ve done for us is really been a real eye opener.”

“The community centre has been a huge help in bridging the gap between what’s happening in Dublin and what’s going on in Cork.”

The brick frames are being renovated by the Dublin-based firm Drogheda Brickworks and will be re-used throughout the community.

“The bricks will be kept in situ for the duration of the project,” Dr Connolly said.

“We’ll be taking the brick frames from the original building, and then we’ll be using a mix of bricks that we sourced locally, and also recycled old bricks and old plaster.”

Dr Connolly and other staff will be responsible for building and repairing the building.

There will also be a cultural centre, and a food court and coffee shop, as well as a library, shop and bar.

“There are a number of projects going on, a lot of small things happening,” Dr Colum MacNeill, the project manager for the community, said.

“There will be a café that is a great example of how people can go out to a café, or a bar, or go and enjoy some drinks with their friends.”

“People are really excited about the project and really interested in what’s in the community and what we’re doing.”

A number of local businesses have been invited to help with the community project.

There is a large community gathering area at the centre of the brick building.

Dr Connelly said the community would also be hosting a book launch and a bookfair.

The Brick House was one of a number similar projects to be undertaken around the city in 2017, including an arts and crafts space, a local museum and a community space for the unemployed.

“People feel that it’s an opportunity to have a space that people can come and visit,” Dr MacNeill said.

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