The brick frames are on the rise, according to data from Glassdoor

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Brick frames are starting to make a comeback, according the Glassdoor GlassHouse.

GlassHouse, which tracks online sales of home furnishings, measured the average price of a brick frame in January at $2,200, according data from the site.

In 2016, the average value was $1,700, according GlassHouse, while the average selling price was $5,200 in 2016.

Bricks are now available at a fraction of the cost of glass, which is a popular material in homes, according Mark Miller, a broker with Miller Companies in Buffalo.

Miller says the number of new brick frame orders has been steadily increasing for years, though prices were higher in 2016 due to a number of factors, including the warmer weather, which reduced demand.

“It’s definitely a trend,” Miller said.

“We saw a significant uptick last year in orders, but they’re coming back to earth a little bit.

People are really getting into the hobby of brick frames.

They’re starting to look at them and realizing they’re great.”

In New York City, brick frame sales increased 10% to $3.5 million last year, according company data.

The glass houses’ numbers do not include the number that use wood or aluminum as the frame material.

Wood frames were used in a record 13,400 homes last year and up to 11,000 homes in the city this year.

Aluminum was used in 5,600 homes, and wood was used for 8,000 of those homes.

GlassHouse said that, for most of 2016, sales of new bricks in the U.S. were up by 5.3% over 2015.

But it noted that the new year sales were down slightly from the previous year, with the total amount of bricks sold dropping by 1.9% compared to the previous three months.