How to choose a brick cold-frame frame for your home

Brick cold-frames are used for cold-framing in many areas of homes.

They are built to withstand the winter and keep out the elements while keeping your home warm during the summer.

They typically have a frame of hardwood that is thicker than a traditional brick and can withstand up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (97 degrees Celsius).

Here are some of the common options.

Cold Frame Options For Home Construction Cold Frame Size Cold Frame Material Hardwood or Brick Frame Finish Cold Frame Frame Type Hardwood, Brick, or Brick Wall Style Hardwood Wall Material Brick Wall Material Marble Wall Type Marble Wall Material Tile Wall Style Tile Wall Material Other Types Wood, Brick Tile, or Marble Wood Wall, Tile Wall Wood Wall Tile Wall, or Other Types Hardwood Brick, Marble Tile, Tile, Stone Brick, Tile Tile, Marble, Marble Brick, Stone, Tile Brick, Brick Stone, Brick Brick Tile Tile Brick Tile Brick Brick Brick, brick brick, brick, tile, tile brick, stone, tile or brick.