Brick Frame Construction in Karnataka

The Karnataka state government has proposed to build a brick frame house in the district of Mysuru for a number of years.

According to the proposal, the building will be constructed from the ground up in Karnadesh and the builder is in discussions with several other agencies and parties.

The project is being proposed by the Karnataka Planning and Development Department (KPDD) and the Maharashtra State Corporation for Urban Development (MSCCUD), both of which are part of the State Development Authority.

The project is not only to build the brick frame but also to construct the roof of the building.

“We are looking for the best contractors and the cost of the construction is about Rs 3 crore,” KPDD deputy secretary-general V Sreevankar told HT.

The building will have a footprint of 12 metres by 12 metres and the total length of the structure is 12 metres.

The plan is to build one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state, with an average of nearly 40,000 visitors per day, according to the state tourism board.

The proposal has been submitted to the State Tourism Board (STB) for approval, but has not been received yet.

The STB has also not yet received a proposal from the Karnadapuram Municipal Corporation.