How to repair brick frame windows and stuccos

The Irish news site The Irish Examiner reports that a brick repair business in south Dublin has posted a video on its Facebook page of a woman who said she was told by a woman working for Brick Frame that it was illegal to repair a brick frame window in Ireland.

The woman who went to the repair business on March 3, said that she was taken by surprise when she received a phone call from the company’s manager asking her to take the window down because she was the only person on the premises.

She told the manager that the windows had been removed from their original position.

The video shows a woman taking the windows out of their original positions and putting them back on their own, then she says she went to get the glass removed from the frame.

A Brick Frame representative has confirmed to the Irish Examiner that the business had been told that it could not repair the windows because it was against the law.

The company’s spokesman, Brian O’Brien, said:”We were told that because the windows were in their original place, they would have to be removed, as per local legislation.

However, because of the way that they are situated and how they are used, they were not able to comply with the legislation.”

As we have said, we are not responsible for anyone’s property, so we are happy to provide any information that we may need to assist in the process.

“The Irish Times contacted Brick Frame for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.