When You’re Not Playing, What’s the One Thing You Do?

LEGO bricks are becoming a popular choice for people looking to add a little fun to their homes, but that doesn’t mean the company’s not taking the opportunity to be innovative with their designs.

As part of a new campaign, the company is taking advantage of the holiday season to introduce a brand new Lego brick frame.

The LEGO Brick Frame comes with a brick and a few accessories for kids to play with, including an LED light.

It’s available for $99.99 at Amazon and other retailers, and it will be available on September 23.

It is made of two pieces, one that looks like a typical Lego brick and another that is much smaller.

The Lego Brick Frame is available in three colors: black, white, and red.

The blue version is $79.99 and is available at Walmart and Target.