A brick framed house in Kerala is a modern marvel

The brick framed houses that have been a part of Kerala’s heritage for decades have been one of the city’s most important architectural treasures.

Built of brick, they were designed to be as attractive as possible in the hot and humid climate of Kerala.

A brick frame house is a home where the family can live comfortably and enjoy the benefits of air conditioning and the convenience of internet.

But as a house, they do not have a natural ventilation system and often have poor ventilation.

In fact, the houses in Kerala have an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The brick frames in Kerala were a luxury that people could not afford.

It was only when the houses began to be built and expanded by wealthy people in the 20th century that they began to get built.

A century ago, people started to appreciate the architectural beauty of brick.

But nowadays, people are not willing to pay the cost of building them and are instead turning to cheaper, less durable and less aesthetically pleasing alternatives like plywood, plywood framed walls and the use of wood framed houses.

This is why brick framed buildings are often seen as the new exotic furniture.

They are more expensive than those made of wood and plywood and are more difficult to construct.

Brick framed houses are not uncommon in Kerala and they are still used in some parts of the country.

They have been used in the homes of rich people and poor people, in places where people are poor, like in the cities of Kozhikode and Kozhukode.

There are also brick framed homes in the suburbs of Kerala, like Kannur and Kannudur, which is a suburb of Kochi.

But this is the first time that a brick framed home has been built in Kerala.

The brick frame houses have been an architectural marvel in Kerala since the time of the British.

The builders of the brick framed dwellings were wealthy and educated.

They had a lot of money, including many land-ownerships.

They were also famous for having a good and beautiful style.

The houses in the past had different styles of roofing and were often made of various materials like marble, tin, glass, copper and cement.

But nowadays, the brick frames are mainly constructed of plywood.

The builders of these brick frames did not like the wooden houses in their area.

They wanted a different kind of house.

So they built a brick frame for a brick house and they built it in the style of a wooden house.

It has a roof with a lot more space than a wooden home, and there is a lot less material inside.

They made a brick base with a different shape and they made it taller than a brick home.

The structure of the house is very well designed and has the advantage of being much taller.

The builder also took the opportunity to build the house in a way that was conducive to the air.

In the past, the house would be in a low-lying area and the water would get in through the roof.

But in the present day, people live in buildings in a high-lying part of the town.

So the house has more space inside and people do not get water in through their roofs.

The new brick house is much taller and it is also more conducive to having a natural air in.

The house is built in a style that is more suited to a wooden frame.

The plywood is the most beautiful material in Kerala, and the builders have chosen plywood for the frame because they wanted it to be more attractive.

The house has a lot to offer.

It is not just a brick and ply, but a beautiful building with a beautiful exterior.

The whole of the building is decorated with decorative designs.

The entire facade of the home is designed in a classical style.

They decided to have a roof like a wooden one so that the wood and the plywood would be more beautiful.

The wooden house was made of the same materials as the brick house.

The timber frame is very high quality and it was constructed with a strong frame.

Because the timber frame was constructed using wood, the roof is very strong.

The wood frame was made in a wooded area and it also has a different colour to the ply wood frame.

The plywood house has two windows, and a roof.

The roof is located on the ground level and the wood is installed on the top of the wood.

The wall of the frame is not a continuous frame.

It stretches around the frame and extends along the wall.

The only other feature of the ply house is the roof, which has two curved sections.

The walls of the roof are made of different materials, like marble and tin.

The shape of the walls varies from wood to wood.

It depends on the weather.

If the roof gets a lot sun, it becomes a bit different.

The windows and the roof of the wall are also made of ply wood.

The construction of the structure is very good