How to frame brick venesel

A couple in their 50s has painted their brick-frame house in the Bronx with a veneered, frame-style facade.

The family says it wants to add an element of art to the space.

“We think this is an art piece that we can have a little bit of style and an art gallery for people to come to and enjoy,” said Marlene Kornfeld.

The couple says the home will be a place for family gatherings.

They’ve painted over the home’s windows and painted over its doors and windows to create an art-deco aesthetic.

“When we first saw it, we thought it was a little strange because it was not something we’d ever seen before, but then we got to the second floor, we got into the basement and we got a big piece of paint,” said Kornstein.

“So we knew it was something we had to do.”

The family’s paint was done in the U.S. and their home is located in the boroughs Bronx and Queens.

They are expecting to open the house this fall.