Brick framed window gets new owner

Brick framed windows are often seen in the home of an investor.

Now, a former home buyer in Pennsylvania has acquired the frame for a new window in her front yard.

Lorenzo Williams of Waverly in Philadelphia told ABC News he and his wife were buying a large home for their children when they noticed a new frame that was being used by a family friend.

The family member said he’d never seen one before, so he had to see if there were any other windows in the area.

“He was so impressed with it that he asked me if I’d like to sell it,” Williams said.

He got a call from a family member, who agreed to buy the frame.

Williams said he was pleasantly surprised when the frame arrived, but that he was disappointed that it was too big for his family’s home.

The frame, which has an 18-inch square, weighs about 70 pounds, so it’s not a big deal for him, Williams said, though he appreciates that the frame is “not very big.”

He said it will probably get a few more years of use, if not a few decades of use.

The windows are covered in paint and will likely stay painted, but the family will use the paint on the inside of the window.