How to remove the bricks from a window frame

You need a good tool to remove a brick from a frame, but there are some tips and tricks to help you keep your brick-free.

A good window frame can be a powerful tool for protecting your home and home furnishings, and its easy to remove brick fragments.

How to Remove a Brick from a Window Frame 1.

Find the part that is the most damaged 2.

Remove the damaged part from the frame with a screwdriver or a nail 3.

Remove a large chunk of the damaged piece with a sledgehammer or hammer 4.

Apply a thin coat of epoxy to the damaged brick 5.

Carefully scrape the damaged bricks off the frame using a sander 6.

Apply the epoxy coat to the brick 7.

Apply another coat of paint 8.

Paint over the remaining damage with primer and drybrushing 9.

Reassemble the window frame 10.

How To Remove a Broken Window Frame