When The Brick Was New: The First Brick Frame in the World

In early 2016, a team of construction workers in the U.S. was excavating a site in Florida when they stumbled upon a brick pacer frame.

The piece of brick was so large that it took three men with shovels to clear it.

They had to be careful not to break any of the pieces that had been placed into the brick pacers.

After the project was completed, the workers were told by the builder that they would receive $1 million from the company for the project.

They thought that the project would last only three years, but when they took the project to the builder, they were told that it would take six years.

They weren’t sure what to think about that number, so they decided to build the project in their backyard instead of in a larger factory in nearby Pensacola.

The Brick That Built the World, a documentary that aired on PBS in 2015, chronicled the construction of the home and the work that went into its construction.

In the documentary, the builder described the brick as being the size of a “pizza oven.”

He said it was the first brick frame in the world.

He also said that it was a product of the United States.

The brick was used in the construction and maintenance of the house, and also in the building of the structure that houses the National Museum of the American Indian.

The building of this structure is the only American Indian museum in the United of Sates.

The museum is a national treasure that was built on land donated by the U of S and donated by Native American tribes.

In 2017, the brick was put up for auction for $8 million, according to The Associated Press.

The story was featured in the film “Brick.”