How Lego’s Brick Frame Clipart Changed the Way We See Brick Frames

Now, that’s just what I’m talking about.

This month, the Lego brand has released a series of new images of Lego’s iconic brick frames, and they’re gorgeous.

These are just the first few images of the series, and we’ll have much more to say about them soon.

For now, here’s a look at the most important parts of the Lego brick frame.1.

Brick frame with removable hinge2.

Brick frames with rounded corners3.

Brick with raised hinge4.

Brick that can be assembled into a single unit with a simple wrench5.

Brick made of steel with an embedded screw6.

Brick can be mounted with hinges7.

Brick is made of brick, not plastic8.

Brick has two legs and a top.9.

Brick does not have a “bottom.”10.

Brick was originally meant to be sold at Lego stores11.

Brick doesn’t have a color scheme12.

Brick fits perfectly in your home.