A brand new building designed by an architectural firm is going to shake up the UK’s housing market

A brand-new building that was designed by a British architecture firm has been hailed as a revolutionary development in the UK housing market.

The building is called the “brick frames” and it is one of the largest and most ambitious projects ever undertaken by British architects.

It is set to house thousands of residents and create a new class of homes on a site that was previously home to warehouses and office buildings. 

In a bid to make its new home more accessible to people who can’t afford private housing, it will have a roof garden and a “floating” roof to allow the building to float and rise without being affected by rain.

It will also include a number of features that will help make it a less expensive place to live.

The architect, Frank Baudrillard, is one half of the firm that is best known for its high-end buildings.

Its work on the site has been praised by the likes of Lord O’Neill, the architect of Buckingham Palace, and Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group.

It also received a number the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

The project, which is being designed by the Baudillard Group, has been described by its architect as “a classic example of the modernisation of a site”. 

Its developers, The Baudell Group, have made no secret of their ambition to build the new housing estate on the former site of a former brick factory, and they’ve been aiming to turn it into something more affordable. 

The new building, which will be completed by 2020, will be designed by Gensler, a German architecture and construction firm. 

It is being funded by a number groups, including The Buxom Group, a luxury brand that owns the luxury hotel brand The Bauhaus.

It is the first new home by Gansler to be built in Britain in 20 years, and it has been touted as a major step forward for the UK as a whole. 

Gensler is known for their high-quality design work, and this latest addition to their portfolio is set against a backdrop of rising rents.

It will have an affordable price tag of about £3 million ($3.2 million) per house, which would make it cheaper than most private homes in the country.

It will be built on land that has been earmarked for development for a number years now. 

“The project is a classic example of the modernization of a site,” Genslers development manager, Peter Stadler, said in a statement.

“It is a bold move for the region, and one that will be a great benefit to the local area.”

The new home will be the first development in London to use the “floater” roof feature that was introduced by the architects. 

There will be an open-plan design, with the windows facing inward and the roof facing outward.

The entire structure will be covered in a natural stone. 

When it opens in 2020, it is expected to have 1,500 residents.