NFL team that won’t build new stadium for 2020 begins construction on brick-making frame

The San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons announced Thursday that the teams will not build new stadiums for the 2020 season.

They will instead construct a new brick-framed stadium, which will be built on an existing brick structure.

The 49ers announced the announcement in a press release that included photos of a new stadium that will be dedicated in the name of the local fans.

The team has also released a video to highlight the new stadium.

The Falcons announced the news in a release to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The decision comes after the NFL and the NFL Players Association reached an agreement in September that required teams to build stadiums that meet the standards set by the National Football League.

That agreement was contingent on the teams signing a memorandum of understanding with the NFL.

The teams have until 2021 to build the new stadiums.

The NFLPA has said the memorandum of understand will allow the teams to spend money on infrastructure and make the new facilities a reality.

The agreement was signed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent.