How to get your kid to fall in love with Lego

What if a kid is obsessed with Lego?

What if you have to put up with the fact that your little guy is obsessed? 

If you are like many parents out there, you are currently struggling to make this happen. 

In an effort to alleviate some of these problems, I’ve created an app that can help. 

Here’s how:  Create a photo with a person in your life. 

Take a photo of that person with Lego in it. 

You might want to take it at the beginning of a lesson or the end of a class. 

Or maybe the kids want to be a little more creative. 

 Once the kids have made their first Lego Lego picture, it’s time to take their picture again. 

When you are happy with the results, you can go back and take the next picture. 

Once you’ve completed your photo set, you will see the Lego picture disappear from the app. 

Then you can move on to another picture of the same person. 

The process is similar to a photo in Photoshop. 

You take a photo from the top of the photo to the bottom of the next one. 

If you take a picture with your phone, the app will automatically take the photo and send it to you. 

But you can do it on your iPad, too! 

You can even take the picture on your Kindle and upload it to your favorite photo sharing site. 

Now you can share the Lego pictures with your kids! 

What’s even better, your kids will love to build with their Lego too. 

So, if your kid is still obsessed with the toy, and he’s always asking questions about it, this app might help.

Or, if he’s getting the best picture of you, it might help you too.

 If he is still having trouble with the Lego game, you might want some advice on what to do next.

The app is free and works for Android, iPhone, and iPad. 

It’s free for all of us.