The most awesome Lego bricks frame I have ever built

FourFourThree: Lego bricks can be tricky to assemble.

In this article we take a look at some of the most iconic and challenging Lego bricks to assemble in our favorite Lego building sets.

The process is incredibly simple, and the results are awesome.

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Basic Building Instructions: Step 1: Begin by measuring your LEGO brick from the base plate down to the top of the frame.

If it has a flat base plate, measure from the bottom of the baseplate down to about halfway up the frame to get the base.

Step 2: Take the base of your LEGO and place it at the top-center of the LEGO base. 

Step 3: Insert the base in the center of the top plate of your new LEGO brick. 

The base of a Lego brick is usually flat.

If the base is rounded, you need to make a mark with a marker.

Step 4: With the base and the base’s center marked, trace the line to the center on the base with a pencil or pencil and a ruler.

The center line is where the base attaches to the baseplates.

Step 5: Add the base to the bottom-center section of your existing LEGO brick by placing it on the top section of the existing LEGO bricks base.

The bottom section should be flat and free of any sharp edges.

Step 6: Now add the base top plate. 

This should be the part that attaches to your new base.

Place the topplate on the same side of the new base as the base on the first part of the assembly.

Step 7: Place the base, top plate, and bottom plate on the wall of the current brick.

You can do this with two bricks at a time, so you should have four or five bricks at this point.

Step 8: When the base has fully connected with the top portion of the previous brick, attach it to the wall by putting it onto the base section. 

Once you have the base attached to the new bricks base, you will need to drill a hole into the base plates base plate.

4:18-1-0: The most popular LEGO bricks, from the LEGO block catalog, can be made from many different materials, including brick, plastic, and wood.

This article explores the most popular bricks and discusses how to make your very favorite LEGO brick with the most common materials.